Increasingly used in a variety of business applications, front loaders officially become part of the GF range where they can now be installed first on various tractor ranges.

Particularly high is the attention that GF has placed on the resistance, safety and comfort of its loaders: the arms made of high-strength steel structures with a hollow rectangular cross-section guarantee greater resistance to torsional and flexural stresses. Moreover, the double-accumulator suspension system allows to absorb the stresses deriving from the irregularities of the ground, thus guaranteeing greater operator comfort and greater efficiency in the transport of loose loads, minimizing load losses at the same speed of the vehicle. The range of loaders is complemented by a diversified range of tools, always available as GF such as multi-material buckets, lightweight buckets, floor grabs, manure forks, bale forks, pallet forks and combi forks. With these accessories, the user can carry out the most disparate transport, handling, road maintenance and other operations where the use of a front loader is required.